August 12, 2022

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  Fam, At M4BL, we believe in giving folks their flowers while they are here...



At M4BL, we believe in giving folks their flowers while they are here with us, so the latest highlight in our LGBTQIA+ History Month series is doing just that. Today, we’re uplifting and showing love to a Black trans activist who has been dedicated to transgender rights and the liberation of all Black folks for more than five decades.

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, known by many as Miss Major, is a living icon. She is a non-binary transgender activist, a former sex worker, an anti-prison advocate, a survivor from the Stonewall riots, is formerly incarcerated, and as quoted by Janet Mock, “the mother we all deserve.” For the last fifty years, Miss Major has been a tender yet fierce activist in the Black queer and TGNCI community and continues to share the stories of our NYC queer kin that endured so much.

“The first time I sat at Major’s feet was 2013, and I was caught up in her rapture. I hadn’t known I needed her until I met her, until she called me her daughter. I had never felt as seen. I’ve since learned that Major has mothered many women in the movement and on the streets, in prison cells and the academy. When I think of Major, I think of the monthly calls and voice messages she leaves for me with such tenderness, embracing me despite the distance, letting me know that someone is proud of me, thinking of me, caring for me when oftentimes I may not care for myself, or feel I am doing enough, or am enough. We all deserve such a person, and Major has been that for hundreds of trans women aching to be loved and affirmed. She’s the mother we all deserve.” — Janet Mock for OUT magazine

To learn more about the life of Miss Major, check out the documentary MAJOR!


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MAJOR! from What Do We Want Films on Vimeo.


Follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and support her retirement fund by donating here.

Let this be a starting point to expand our knowledge about her continuing contributions and the legacy of other Black LGBTQIA+ trailblazers! Check out our monthly TGNCI newsletter, The Tea, to stay up on queer news and stories:

With Black love,
Movement for Black Lives


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