August 9, 2022

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by Dr. Ubaid khan Afridi Pain is one of the most obvious signs of damage...

by Dr. Ubaid khan Afridi

Pain is one of the most obvious signs of damage in the body but also one of the most commonly reported symptoms all over the world. There are many medical conditions that can cause pain and the ones who suffer from it live a life full of inconvenience and agony.Many of us are tired of consuming anti-inflammatory pain medications without much relief, but what are our options when it comes to easier and safer solutions?

Countless researchers worldwide have been working on finding easier ways to reduce pain and inflammation,and the amount of people suffering from it. One major discovery that has been consistently tried, peer reviewed and tested is Red and Near Infrared (NIR) LED light therapy.

It has consistently been shown that Red and NIR LED Light Therapy is an effective means of decreasing the extent of pain caused by a myriad of medical conditions, while being safe and easy to use at home.

What causes Acute and Chronic Pain and its possible treatment using Red and NIR light therapy

Light is a constituent of many different colors; all of them impart their characteristic color owing to the different wavelengths that it travels in. Red lightis the name given to light wavelengths that sit between620-750 nm. A different set of light wavelengths called Near-Infrared (NIR) have a wavelength of between 750 to 2500 nm.

Both of these light wavelengths, and especially 660nm & 850nm, have been found to be therapeutic and have shown a vast array of applications in the medical world. LED light therapy has now been recognized as one of the safest ways to decreasepain associated with inflammation. 

Pain can either be acute, chronic, or neuropathic. Acute pain is usually sharp and is due to any sudden accident or illness existing in the body. Chronic pain is the pain that persists in the body for more than six months. Whereas, neuropathic pain is due to injury or damage in the nerves.

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Pain, be it dull, sharp, or throbbing in nature, has the potential to negatively affectyour quality of life. One of the major factors linked with the existence of pain is less blood flow reaching the tissue in the painful area.The reason so many people have success with LED light therapy devices, is that theyhelp to promote more blood flow.

It has been shownby multiple peer reviewed studies and clinical trials that when a Red and NIR light therapy pad or panel is placed on or near the body, the photons (light particles) emitted from the light wavelengths are absorbed deep into the skin and body. These photons that cannot be seen by the naked eye do not have the potential to burn the skin as UV light does.

Instead, the red light emitted can only go as deep as the epidermis of the skin and to some extent inside the soft tissue. The NIR light penetrates much deeper than the red light, potentially reaching as far into the body as the bones and internal organs.

The photons coming from these LED Light therapy pads and panels make the cells function better and naturally begin the production of ATPs (or Adenosine triphosphate, the energy-carrying molecule found in cells), and NADPH (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate; an essential electron carrier). This ultimately reduces the rates of inflammation in damaged parts of the body where red and NIR light is used consistently.

Another function of these LED light therapy devices is to promote the release of Nitric Oxide, which is a natural vasodilator. Vasodilation helps promote healing by increasing the blood flow to the area of the injury. 

Therefore, these home use and portable red light therapy devices are not just easy to use but also come with no ill side effects. 

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How can you incorporate it into your busy life?

The role of these LED therapy lights is wonderfully natural for the body, and they are very easy to use. You can apply the Red and NIR light on your body anywhere twice a day, as long as sessions are 6 hours apart. This lends itself to morning and night-time usage, which replicates the natural circadian rhythm we would normally experience from the sun.

Light therapy products are available in therapy light bands, panels, mats, facemasks, pads and even beds (see for examples from a wide range of types). These LED light therapy devices are so convenient to use that they can be placed at the site of pain when you are working at your desk, or alternatively you can dedicate 10 minutes twice a day to doing more full body sessions with a larger set up for healing and/or relaxation.

Not only will you feel rejuvenated from the natural energy hit that will be produced in your body, but you will also limit the soreness or aches throughout the day. A great range of these therapy light devices are now available on the global market. A broad variety can be found at where these suppliers have developed, designed and created devices that are more practical for usage at home or in your workplace.

If you are suffering from chronic pain that just seems to worsen over time, or limits your mobility making day-to-day life difficult, LED light therapyis worth a try. Anyone suffering from arthritis, muscle aches or joint pain can benefit andpotentially save loads of money on anti-inflammatory pain medicationsin the long run; also reducing the side effects that come with frequent use of pharmaceutical drugs. 

The therapy light panels can even be tailored according to your needs. There is a huge range to fit every budget and size, such as the following panels:

  • 1000w NIR &Red Light Therapy Panel,
  • 300w Red 660 NIR & 850 Light therapy Panel,
  • 500w Red 660 NIR & 850 Light therapy Panel,
  • 1500w Red 660 NIR & 850 Light therapy Panel,
  • 60w Red 660 NIR & 850 Light Therapy Panel.
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These differ in size and power, but all achieve the same outcome.

Where can you get it from?

There is nothing more satisfying than getting everything delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button. There are many sites that offer LED therapy lights, and I recommend heading over to to find a broad range of product types at great value prices. Therapy Lights Australia (TLA) is an online store that has low-level laser therapy lights for humans and pets including dogs,cats and horses, with the largest range of LED light products on the market. Red Light Therapy in Australia and worldwide is gaining a lot of popularity, with being one of the biggest drivers in the industry.

A one-time investment into red light therapycomes with no risks and you can use your new product on a variety of conditions for improved quality of life. Since it does not require a lot of space to store or use, you can easily carry these devices anywhere or set them up permanently at home or the office.


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